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Naome is our highly experienced artist who has dedicated herself and her craft to refine the permanent makeup and cosmetic industry. Her passion lies with adding value and symmetry to facial features that have gone lost due to personal trauma, such as undergoing chemo. It's not just about beautiful brows, it's about leaving a mark that creates a new found confidence in individuals.

Permanent Makeup

A sophisticated solution blending artistry and precision to enhance natural beauty effortlessly. Elevate your features with meticulously applied pigments that define, accentuate, and rejuvenate, ensuring lasting confidence.


Elevate your look with expertly sculpted brows that stay flawlessly in place, accentuating your natural beauty with a refined, polished allure. Perfect for those seeking effortless and lasting definition, brow lamination offers a transformative solution for achieving enviable arches that frame the face with precision.

Tattoo Lightening

No more ink regrets. We delicately refine and strive to create a lighter canvas to work on. Elevate your aesthetic journey with the pinnacle of refinement and opulence in tattoo lightening instead of living in the past.


A fusion of ancient artistry and modern sophistication to create a naturally defined brow, meticulously tinted with rich Henna ink to achieve a bespoke shade tailored to your unique style and complexion. Perfect for those seeking a semi-permanent solution for fuller, more defined brows, Henna Ink Brows offer lasting results with minimal maintenance. 

Stretch Mark Camo

 Our revolutionary stretch mark camo technique is akin to the artistry of tattooing. Our skilled artist works to  discreetly conceal imperfections and restoring confidence.


This luxury service is meticulously crafted with lash extensions tailored to perfection. Your gaze is will be full with voluminous, fluttery lashes customized to enhance your natural beauty and reflect your individual style. With each set meticulously curated, you'll experience unparalleled comfort, durability, and flawless results. 

Elevate Beauty


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